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Our achievements

Auksinės rankos Тhe reward of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania „Golden hands“ for the achievements in saving environment and nature.

Palankiausias aplinkai procesas While solving environmental issues, that are relevant to leather tanning industry, one of which is the prevention of specific odors, we have found a suitable way out of it, i. e. in our territory and manufacture premises (tanning departments, waste water treatment equipment and in the fleshing storage places) we successfully applied the program of pro-biotics adjusting. Pro-biotics is absolutely natural biological odor reducer, environmentally-friendly for micro-organisms and humans, in its composition containing powerful microbes, especially effectively smoothing odors. The program of pro-biotics adjusting fully justified itself, because we – the company located in the territory of Siauliai city industry park, thanks to the pro-biotics, have reduced the specific odors till minimum, even till 95 percent. It considerably improved ecological environment of our company, as well as the quality of working environment. Besides, after adjusting pro-biotics into the secondary organic raw material – fleshing, which is forming during manufacture processes, we obtained very effective organic fertilizer. Its efficiency has been proved by scientific and laboratory researches. Natural organic fertilizer, made from grinded fleshing with pro-biotics, unlikely the chemical fertilizers, is environmentally-friendly, for this reason this fertilizer is ecological and on the same time effective as the chemical fertilizers. For the achievements in environmental sector our company received the diploma for „Achievements in environment, 2010“ from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Environmental Management Institute and Environmental engineering association „For primary cleaning of waste water and prevention of odors, by applying pro-biotics“ in nomination „Environmentally-friendly process“

Sėkmingai dirbanti įmonė 2010 In 2011 our company has been nominated by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists with the Award-nomination „Successfully working company 2010“.

Už sugrįžimą į aktyvų verslą Attractiveness of our production and the growth of its export is determined by the exceptional attention to the quality of our production. Our production corresponds to the highest quality standards, because it is produced by the professional and skilled specialists, having a long year term experience in the leather tanning industry, using only the highest quality products, that we are purchasing from the widely known European companies, supplying the products for leather tanning and finishing, corresponding the international ISO: 9001 standards. Active export to the European countries determines excellent economical development of our company, for this reason in 2009 Siauliai association of Industrialists awarded our company with the Diploma of honor „For return to the active business“,

Lietuvos metų eksportuotojas ... and in 2010 our company was awarded by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists with the nomination „Lithuanian exporter, 2010“.

Didžiausias produkcijos eksportuotorius We are one of the manufacture companies in Northern Lithuania, exporting the major part of our production. The export of our production makes 95 percent. In 2002 our company was awarded by the Siauliai association of industrialists with the Diploma of honor „For the major production exporter”

Šiaulių pramonininkų asociacijos narė It should be noted, that from February 2000, the JSC „Odos gaminiai“ ir Ko became a competent member of Siauliai association of Industrialists. It provides our Company the opportunity actively to participate in solving issues, relevant to the companies of Siauliai district, and on the same time to improve the quality of the company's activity in different issues.