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About us

Our company

The history of the current tannery began in 1988, when in the territory of the present Company was established the first manufacture shop, producing the chromed leather semi-fabricate „Wet blue“. In November, 1998, there was established the Joint Stock Company „Odos gaminiai“ ir Ko.

The main branch of the practice of our Company's is the purchase of raw cattle hides, processing of raw hides, sorting under the categories, and sales of natural leather and semi-fabricate „Wet blue“. We produce the chromed semi-fabricate „Wet blue“ under the classic chrome-tanning method, dyed leathers (split), produced from the hides of bulls, oxen, calves and cows. Having all necessary equipment, as well as high-skilled personnel, we are always striving to justify even the most demanding expectations of our clients, for this reason we are flexible and searching for new technologies and products every day.

In the manufacture processes we are using the Lithuanian origin hides. All the necessary materials for tanning, corresponding the international ISO:9001 standards, we are importing from the widely known European manufactures and suppliers of leather processing materials.

We are constantly communicating with customers and suppliers, discussing about the questions regarding quality. The best appreciation of the quality of our production appear our stable customers, constantly returning to our tannery.

Environment protection

Specific technologies of leather tanning industry obligate us to care of environment every day. Our company is established in the industrial zone, in the Siauliai industrial park, not far from the air port. We are constantly carrying out various projects in the field of environment, that help us to improve the ecological state of the environment. Already in 1999, we established the cleaning equipment for waste water, which we are constantly improving and renewing under the Environmental requirements of the European Union. Currently, we are also improving and arranging several high-performance separators. This equipment is necessary for a better water cleaning and for reducing the odors of the waste water. The installation of the separators, as it was expected, fully justified itself - the results are appreciably better, especially in respect of odors.

We are flexible and innovative company, constantly searching for the innovations and striving to implement them. We are the first in the country, carrying out the ecological removal of the leather processing waste – fleshing, cooperating in trials with the farmers of the Siauliai district. Having the recommendations from scientists, we hold the leather processing waste in piles, then we mix it with manure under the special technologies, and from this mixture later we get organic fertilizer, using which the farmers fertilize experimental fields. The trial is still lasting, but it's results already justified itself.